A viable option BSC CSIT your studies & career

Reputed University

Recognition & Accreditation
Tribhuvan university is the oldest, largest and most reputed university of Nepal. TU’s qualitative programs, including the BSC CSIT, have global recognition and accreditation.

Latest Curriculum

Width & Depth
A comprehensive curriculum incorporates varied areas in Computer Science and Information Technology, Along with adequate electives, it provides in-depth understanding of computer theory, design, programming and applications.

Integrated Course

Computer Science & IT

Dual specialization in Computer Science and IT develops competent professionals. Computer Science comprises computing systems & software while IT brings computers & people together.

International Acceptance

4-Year Degree & 8-Semester Programme
A 4-year duration and 8-semester structure makes this bachelor-level program internationally acceptable. Its credit hour system has the advantage of credit transfer and program or course options.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Linkage Insight
Connection between wide-raning subject areas and their correlations enable handling rapid changes in technology. This fosters critical thinking, inventive ideas, and enthusiasm for professional work.

Professional Preparedness

Projects & Internships
Adequate professional exposure through projects and internships is a real-world experience. This helps focusing on key interests, career objectives, and job opportunities.

Big Future

Job & Careers
Excellent job prospects! More and more jobs being created in an increasingly IT- driven world. Career trends show the fastest growing occupation abroad and in Nepal for the foreseeable future.

Personal Empowerment

Independence & Entrepreneurship
Empowers graduates handle computer and IT related tasks independently throughout their careers. They have tremendous possibilities and opportunities of starting their own ventures

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