Instituted with the motto: Dare to dream, Learn to excel: At Nepalaya HSS, students are boosted become enthusiastic, independent, con dent and inquisitive learners in a caring and nurturing environment. The emphasis is on how students learn, rather than just memorizing factual knowledge, and encouraging critical and creative thinking given them the ability to develop lifelong skills. Certain key principles run through the whole of the education system: the notice that each student is unique and that this important; an emphasis on developing positive relationship (with teachers, parents and peers); a focus on enabling environments, with as awareness that learning does not happen exclusively in the classroom; and learning alongside development-looking at outcomes and results, but only as one facet of education. As a Nepalayan, we believe in Knowledge, Creativity and Discipline. Science, Management, Humanities in the +2 level with various concentrations such as Hotel Management, Computer Science, Journalism, and B.Sc. CSIT and BBS on Bachelor tier is the on-going academic steams.

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