Academic Catalogue

How you will be monitored during your entire study at NEPALAYA? 

As constant supervision and evaluation are the stimulus to the betterment of every learner, each student’s progress is frequently observed throughout the year to ensure that s/he is coping with the course of study and making progress. In addition to terminal and send-up examinations, regular class assignments, internal assessments and unit test are conducted to ensure ongoing progress of the students and to prepare students for the board examination. Accomplishing the assignments issued in the class and preparing individual note for the subjects in accordance with the instruction of the respective subject teachers is mandatory. A student is required to secure a minimum of 40 percent in the overall internal evaluation to qualify him or herself for the board examinations. The student falling short of the expected minimum marks will not be eligible to appear in the board examinations, and shall have to repeat the course the following year. The students’ performance in the regular internal test and exams are minutely analyzed to facilitate both the teachers and the students to understand what actually the students are lacking to foster their level of understanding. The students, at Nepalaya, are not only monitored in terms of their academic achievements but also their socialization aspect. The students are strictly required to be disciplined and follow each and every terms and conditions introduced by the institution. Hence, the students’ academic as well as social and psychological progress are constantly monitored and evaluated. We can offer you: 

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