Advisory Board

Advisory Board

A team of highly influential personalities who have extensive knowledge and work based experienced in their respective sectors like education, service, business and corporate administration are guiding us in pursuing our institutional goal to be a true LOCAL GLOBAL SCHOOL in near future.

Prof. Dr. Helmar Gerrabn

Rector, Global Humanistic University,
Curacao, The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Bhupa Dhamala

Head of International Relations
Tribhuvan University

Prof. Dr. Kamal Deep Dhakal

Former Campus Chief
Shanker Dev Campus

Anthony J. Shull

Senior Director, Language & Culture Programs
Western Washington University, USA

Associate Prof. Dr. Oktay Koc

Faculty of Economics & Administrative Science
Kocaeli University, Turkey

Assistant Prof., Dr. Khila Raj Dahal

Researcher, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

Dr. Dinesh Neupane

Researcher, Johns Hopkins University, USA