Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

1. Punctuality:

College/school entry gate will be closed 5 minutes earlier than the class commencement schedule in all shifts & sessions. Students must be inside the college/school premises 15 minutes earlier than the operation time in all months. Late comers will not be allowed to enter college / school premises except those who have informed in advance about the problems to the principal via texting, email or messaging in college mobile application.

2. Regularity:

(a) Student’s regularity & punctuality profile will be prepared and provided to the concerns including guardian and parents once a month. Students must maintain minimum 90% attendance out of total college/school operation days in all months. If any student fails to maintain at least 90% attendance out of total college/school operation time, such students will not be eligible to appear in the board examination. College/school reserves the right to cancel admission of such students and may restrict them from appearing in pre-board examination. In such case, any amount paid will not be refunded, transferred or adjusted at any conditions with any request.

(b) In case of sickness, doctor’s medical prescription is must to waive fines against absenteeism. During absentees follow up, information of the absentees will be given to the local guardian and or parents even if you are recorded as late comers. Absentees will be fined as per rule and such fine will be billed monthly along with monthly fees.

3. Academic Excellence: 

  • College/school will conduct practical tests, online assessments, unit test, monthly test, terminal test and pre-board examination test as per the college academic calendar plan following the academic session plan of affiliated entities and their guidance. Every student must appear in all kinds of tests and examinations to be qualified for the pre- board and board examinations of the respective courses and level. Failure to appear in these examinations may disqualify the student’s academic performance and college will stop such students from appearing in final qualifying examinations.
  • All students must secure minimum grade of “D” in all subjects in all tests and examinations. Failure to secure at least grade “D” in all subjects is subject to special individual care for uplifting student’s academic excellence. Under such circumstances, college/school may arrange special personal care to those students with extra tuition classes after/before school hours and provide exclusive possible guidance to maintain minimum required grade at all times. This may apply extra fees and such fees will be billed monthly in the student’s monthly fees.

4. Recording of personal information 

College administration will track personally or collectively and record information on personal health, mental and physical conditions of the students/s as well as track and record their other personal activities, behaviors and participations for training, quality control and administrative purposes.

5. Dress code & grooming: 

  • Students must appear in the college/school uniform at all times. If you fail to do so, your entry in the college/school premises will be stopped and considered as absent during class operation time.

6. Heath & Hygiene: 

  • Students physical and mental health as well as hygiene is our primary concern. So, your hair, nail, uniform including its fitting will be highly monitored and each student will be requested to maintain good health and hygiene all the times. Ignorance or failure to follow these guidelines is subject to heavy fine and if repeated, college/school administration can suspend you at any time with or without prior notice.
  •  Students grooming matters will be monitored in every two weeks.

7. Mobile Phones & Communication Devices: 

Possession of mobile phones and other communicating devices in classrooms and use of such devices in the academic premises without prior approval from the college administration are strictly prohibited. Possession of such devices with the designated premises may be seized or subject to heavy fine. If anyone found violating this rule, they will be penalized Rs. 500for the first time, Rs. 1,000 for the second time and later the devices will be seized by the college/school administration.

8.Class Bunking: 

If any student is found in cinema hall or even inside cinema hall and disco premises, with or without uniform during college operation time and with college uniform before and after college operation time, such students will be penalized Rs. 5,000 for the first time and if found for the second time, college/school administration will cancel their admission with or without prior notice.

9. Character & behavior:

  • Students involving or found in the activities like smoking cigarette, consuming alcohol, drugs, participating and or encouraging to participate in such activities in or around the college/school premises will be restricted and or suspended immediately. If any student is found involving in such activities around the radius distance of 1 km from the college/school premises with college/school uniform, such students will be penalized Rs. 5000 for first time and if repeated will be restricted and or suspended immediately.
  •  In the case of participating and or encouraging to participate in any kinds of violence or bullying, inside or outside of the college/school premises and classroom, such students will be transferred and or restricted from the college/school immediately with or without prior notice.

10. Recruitment and continuity:

  • Students who do not maintain minimum standard of college/school code of conduct will be transferred at any time with or without prior notice. In such cases, students must pay all the dues up to the date for the issuance of transfer certificate. Any amount paid (admission fee, annual fee, monthly tuition fee, lab fee etc.) till the date will not be refunded at any cost and request.
  • I consent here that I will not claim any of the paid amounts before my suspension and so. I will also pay any dues till the date to get my transfer certificate and other required documents.

11. Suspense, transfer and restriction:

  • Students’ suspension notice or information will be sent to the guardian immediately after such action is taken. In case of transfer and restriction from the college/school, guardian or parents will be notified or called before taking such decisions. However, if students are direct or indirect involvement in life threatening warnings and unacceptable activities or acts or other verbal or signal threat to the fellow students, colleagues, teachers, admin staffs and other stake holders of the college/school, they will be suspended, transferred or restricted immediately as required with or without notifying to the concern guardians and parents.
  • Student’s admission will be cancelled immediately or transferred from this institution with or without pre-warning if any student intentionally or intentionally misbehaves and or makes verbal or physical threats even in sign language to the teachers, administrators, staffs including colleagues inside or outside the classroom and or college/school premises.

12. Follow up:

Students’ each and every activity will be monitored and recorded. A detailed personal report about students positive and negative attitude, acts and behaviors will be reported to the principal by the respective class-teachers and administrators once a month for quality control purpose.


  • I agree that i will be in proper College uniform all the times.
  •  I will pay fees for 12 months regardless the date of admission.
  •  I will pay each month tuition fee by the 5th day of the month of Nepali  calendar.
  • I understand that any fees paid will not be refunded or transferred in any  conditions including refusal of admission and restriction from college for any disciplinary actions.
  • I understand that College reserves the right to cancel admission application even after granting admission in this college.