Facilities and Services


Campus Library 

Of course, Nepalaya College isn’t only about having fun. It’s about getting the qualifications you need for a great career. And we want to make it as easy as possible for you to do just that. So, you can borrow the book you need from our well-stocked library, and type up your essay in our computer suite. You’ll also be blown away by our state-of-the-art science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) Labs. Students may require a student ID from the college in order to be able to use the library. 

ONLINE Library 

In addition to the library offered by the College, students are also encouraged to research online. There are links to free online libraries on the college’s Virtual Learning System (VLS) system and all students have access to the VLS once they are enrolled on a course & program. 

IT Lab 

Three computer suites, fully equipped with up-to-date computers, are available to all students. Most students enjoy classes that are timetabled in one of the computer suites. There are also computers available for general use in the library. Copying/ printing facilities are also available at low charges. 

Students are encouraged to research via the Internet and produce assignments and projects using computers. All computers are connected to the Internet and students may also use their handheld devices such as tablets/phones (with staff permission if allowed to use in class!) using the free college Wi-Fi network. 

Science Lab 

Nepalaya College has modern laboratories with hi-tech equipment for Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects for the science students to perform course related and academic experiments and check the scientific research. Each student is facilitated with an individual instrument in a well-ventilated, hygienic and spacious practical labs. Practical classes are conducted under strict supervision and guidance of respective Tutors under the assistance of Lab-boy. You are provided specially designed dress to conduct practical assignments and testing chemical components and biological activities. 

Conference Room 

Nepalaya College has a modern media and conference room which is enabled with latest Technology for media telecasting and virtual learning platform. Students can have virtual conference and webinar experience that helps researcher to enhance scope of research with global resource access in their fingertips. 


The Ideal Place to Enjoy A Meal: College Cafeteria is the main food and refreshment outlet located on the main campus of Nepalaya compound and is open to students and staff. College Cafeteria is the ideal place for all including students to grab a drink, enjoy your favorite meal or simply hang out during lunch or at break time with indoor and outdoor seating area. It serves a variety of hot and cold meals, for breakfast and lunch, as well as a range of snacks to eat in or take away.


We know your favorite cup, a comfortable bed and people to talk to … these things make a house a home. We know how important it is for you to create a home for yourself while you study and to be happy where you are living, so we offer a cozy accommodation for you. Where you will be living with like-minded friends, your new home will be the place you can relax in after a day at the College. 

Our all rooms are specially designed for student accommodation purposes, are safe and secure, located within 10 minutes travel distance from the College. Living away from home can seem daunting at first but it’s a great way to make new friends and experience living independently. 


Nepalaya nurtures the students not only to enhance their academic propensities, but it also simultaneously emphasizes in enabling students to be smart and skilled in distinct physical as well as mental development activities. So, being Imbued with the essence of the old but evergreen adage “A healthy mind is in a healthy body”, various intra college and inter college outdoor and indoor games and tournaments are organized to address the holistic development of the students as per their interest. 

The college highly encourage the students to explore their field of interest besides study, and offers firm platform so that they can discover the best out of their 

interest. Plenty of area has been allotted for playground and public mobility which highly facilitates the physical as well as mental development of the students. 


Career Guidance 

Our team of career consultants are the real life heroes who are still working and or had worked like a legend in their specialized areas and have years of experience and expertise in their respected field as the specialist so they can furnish you the real pathway to the heaven of your imagination in future. We suggest you all to meet them once and get inspired for the readiness in the process of setting your dreams converting in to reality. They will help you to differentiate your preferences with the passion. They will help you to select the best from the worst during nastiest environment and make you vigorous to select the best from the best during favorable conditions. No matter where you are from and what your background was but you will get proper advice from them.

Our Commitment

Nepalaya College is committed to providing a programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance for all our students. Our Careers Leader is Krishna Dotel, College Principal.

Careers Program

During your time at Nepalaya College, you will benefit from a range of opportunities and support available as part of your study program.


The College promotes and encourages the progression of students into Higher Education, apprenticeships or employment following the completion of their course. Based in our on-site Career HUB our dedicated team will guide you through: 

Careers advice

Completing applications (jobs, university, financial aid)

Writing personal statements

CV writing

Work experience options

Interview techniques

Researching higher studies and apprenticeship options

Information on voluntary work

Individual Counselling 

Counselling is an opportunity for you to talk about and explore things that might be worrying you. The counselling service we offer at Nepalaya College is completely free and confidential and you can use the service without telling anyone. It is useful to tell your Tutor if you are going to miss a tutorial. If you would like to get support you can ask your Tutor or a Student Support Officer to call the counselling service or you can make contact yourself. 

We provide various personalized counselling sessions to all students from all levels as per their demand and interest. Students can join webinar session, conference call session, live chat session and on campus face to face counselling session by booking and appointment with our career counsellor. You will get email feedback of your queries regarding your dilemma of course selection and selection of faculty as well as pathways. We are providing all these services for free of cost to all students who would like to join Nepalaya. We believe that these sessions will help them to make the right selection of programs and courses of their choices based on their interest and capabilities. 

Placement and Internships 

Students can get opportunities to talk with our placement consultants once they completed professional degree from us. It is the great opportunity to the students to work with corporate house and big start-up companies in the subject they specialized. Companies can reach us by sending their demand to placement@nepalaya.edu.np to partner with us. Institutions can join hands with us under various sectors in various forms. We are open to shake hands with various sectors means we offer more places and internships. We are working to provide place for the deserving candidates in different sectors basing on their proficiency in the field of study and their knowledge in the specialized subjects. 

Though Nepalaya College does not guarantee employment to all the graduates but can provide contacts and guidance which have proven successful. It is the students’ responsibility to periodically contact the Nepalaya Career Hub and for the results of all interviews. The Nepalaya College Career Hub offers resources to assist students, recent graduates, and alumni in connecting with employers that offer: 

  • Contractual / Fulltime Employment 
  • Part-time employment 
  • Temporary employment 
  • Temp-to-hire employment 
  • Short-term employment 

Students and faculties’ volunteering programs are running at Nepalaya as a part of our social responsibilities. Our social clubs and coordination team will coordinate to help you in this entire process for local and international volunteering opportunities in multi-sectors and communities. This service builds self confidence in student and create social bonding as well as a sense of social responsibility. It will be an opportunity to know the social culture, social values, lifestyle and their tradition. It is life time experience of learning by helping to the needy ones. 


Nepalaya College carter affordable student transportation service to the needy students. College transportation manager will arrange this service on behalf of college and address your difficulties to come and return from the college. Students who wish to use this service to come and return from the college must apply for the college transport service during the admission process and submit a Transport Service Request Form along with an admission application. Until and unless you do not notify transportation manager about discontinuing of your transport requirement in written with a Transportation Discontinue Request Form and get the discontinue approval from the college, you will be billed monthly as usual as per financial & transportation policy of the college. 

Click here to submit for Transport Service Request Form 

Click here to submit for Transportation Discontinue Request Form