NEPALAYA at a Glance

NEPALAYA at a Glance: 

Success story & legacy

NEPALAYA College was established in 1999 A.D., at the preliminary age of modern higher secondary education system in Nepal with the purpose of offering globally accepted education to the learners in their own local area. We have been one of the prominent educational institutions in Nepal since then. Initially, higher secondary schools were limited with in the access of general public, and realizing this harsh reality, we instituted Nepalaya College, and since then, we have been continuously creating easy access in higher education to all. As a result of our continuous and dedicated effort, presently, we have become a global learning center for creating global opportunities for all the learners offering distinct courses to the students in four different buildings with nearly eighty well organized class-rooms. We believe in equality with diversity. Nepalaya is affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU) and National Education Board (NEB) to offer various courses and degrees under different level. We have various specialized and elective courses to cater the need and demand of the students in different levels of study starting from Pre-school program, Higher Secondary Level (Science, Management, Humanities, Law), Undergraduate Level (B.Sc. CSIT, BCA, BBM, BBS) to Master’s level (MBS).

We have facilitated and served more than 30,000 plus successful and satisfied alumni since till date.  Currently, more than 1,800 students under different faculties in various level are on board now to pursue their dreams. More than 300 experienced & friendly faculties and staff are our strength and the factor of our success. We are creating more jobs in the days to come in IT sector by establishing and partnering multiple start-up companies. We are honored with more than 10 programs with more than 100 courses to choose from pre-primary to master’s level. 

Affiliations & Accreditation:

National Education Board (NEB):

NEPALAY’s entire Higher Secondary Education Programs are affiliated with National Education Board of Nepal government. National Education Board is the sole governing body of Nepalese education system that monitors, controls and assures quality of school and higher secondary school education in Nepal. Nepalaya is offering SCIENCE, MANAGEMENT, HUMANITIES and LAW courses under higher secondary level.

Tribhuvan University (TU):

NEPALAYA is an established private educational institute, and its entire Undergraduate/ Bachelor Programs & Master Program are affiliated with Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Tribhuvan University is the one globally recognized government University of Nepal whilst joining Nepalaya for the further higher studies is one of the greatest achievements in a student’s life. NEPALAYA is offering undergraduate programs – BSc. CSIT, BBM, BCA, BBS & Master Program – MBS under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University, Nepal. 

Programs & Courses at NEPALAYA:

Pre-primary wing: 

Nepalaya College separately runs a Montessori school for the beginners to provide them solid foundation of learning with a well facilitated Montessori lab where the play-based learning can be exercised. As the recent research in the field of neuroscience highlights the rapid rate of brain development during the first six years of life, we, now, know that the early childhood years are the time of great opportunity for learning followed by a life time of a neuroplasticity. Through facilitated play-based learning and active engagement with the world, Nepalaya Montessori school provides your child with the social, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary to become happy, contributing members of the community and to enter school with the skills and attitude they need to become successful students and lifelong learners. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are developing skills at an exciting rate and exhibit a growing interest in the world beyond their families. The younger the child is, the more he/she tends to think concretely in the here and now, and often operates from a perspective of egocentricity. They need ample opportunity to have first-hand experiences that include touch, smell, manipulation of objects, and the ability to participate in the routines and traditions of everyday living. Through active engagement with teachers, peers, and the other adults in their lives, children begin to think about and understand the world beyond their families. Hence, Nepalaya Montessori offers Montessori classes to the students from grade nursery to class two tending the beginners with care to provide concrete shape to their curiosity. 

Nepalaya School: 

As the quotation says, “Morning shows the day,” Nepalaya school aims to prepare the students for success by offering them solid foundation right from the school level. We are completely dedicated to facilitate the students to discover the best out of them. The school, since its establishment, strongly believes in quality education by offering student friendly learning environment. Nepalaya school runs the classes for the students from grade three to class ten. The students are provided with intensive care and mentoring for the enhancement of their level of understanding. And, to make the students capable enough to be skilled, our dedicated and proficient teaching faculty members try their best in every way possible to nurture and groom the students to make their individual dream come true. We always encourage the students to take the ownership whilst they are at school. The students, under the supervision and guidance of visionary teachers, get an opportunity to experiment and flourish their creative young mind. With the concept of making Nepalaya with in the access of each and every needy and deserving students, it offers different scholarship programs in accordance with the necessity and eligibility of the learners. Moreover, the faculty members, at this educational institution, strive to build student self-esteem and encourage understanding of cultural diversity, gender differences and physical limitations by creating a cooperative community in the classroom. Nepalaya assures you saying ‘Give us a raw child; we will give you a civilized citizen back.’

Salient features of Nepalaya School:
       1.Modern Infra-structures:
  • Spacious and well-organized classrooms   
  • Allocation of ample area for ground    
  • Well-equipped computer and Science lab 
  • Academic Auditorium Hall    
  • Audio-Visual classes
  • Online Library class    
  • Spacious and hygienic cafeteria
      2.Academic Excellence:
  • Qualified and experienced teaching faculty members
  • Excellent SEE result
  • Motivational classes
  • Emphasizes on English environment
  • Remedial classes for the strugglers at study
  • Frequent Teacher- Parents meeting
  • Affordable fee structure
      3.Motivational and Recreational Activities:
  • Picnic
  • Educational Tour
  • Futsal
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Health Camp
  • Festival special program
  • Winter Camp
  • Field Visit  
  • and many more. . .


Nepalaya College is offering different courses and degrees under the faculties of Science, Management, Humanities & Law in higher secondary level, four years bachelor BSc CSIT, BCA, BBM and BBS programs and year semester-based master program in business studies MBS are running under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. 

Education modality at Nepalaya College: ‘Knowledge can’t be imposed, but should be nurtured’

As the college aims to prepare the students for success by enabling them to be sellable in the global market, we are completely dedicated to facilitate the students to discover the best out of them. The college, since its establishment, firmly believes in quality education for skilled manpower to contribute in the holistic development of the nation. And, to make the students capable enough to be skilled, our dedicated and proficient teaching faculty members try their best in every way possible to nurture and groom the students to make their individual dream come true. We always encourage the students to take the ownership whilst they are at college so that they can feel whatsoever they are doing at college is for their better and secured career. Not only this, to make teaching learning activities more interesting and effective, we focus on student centric teaching learning activities, and encourage the learners to internalize their field of interest and discover the best out of their shell. As the students are provided with practical and life-skilled education by executing thematic teaching pedagogy for modeling Nepalaya as a practical based learning institute, they will be enabled to cope with the worldly challenges and adopt the global changes. To create positive vibe inside the students towards learning activities, the college offers completely academic and student friendly atmosphere. The students and their aspirations are always kept on the top of the priority list. The queries and zeal of the learners for bolstering their level of understanding are always appreciated and handled with care. Furthermore, to make the learning activities of the students more knowledge-oriented, more accurate and expand their horizon of understanding together with developing socialization skills, the college highly encourage the students to work mutually collaborating with other class mates, faculty members and make the utmost use of online and library resources.  The students are indeed provided with an opportunity to be involved in distinct project works, workshops, paper presentation and seminars beside regular classroom activities as we Focus on creating solid foundation for the students in the critical skills of thinking, communication and problem solving. The students will also be offered plethora of platform to participate in different volunteer activities and internship programs to experience their knowledge in day to day activities so that they can enhance public relation and accomplish their responsibilities more confidently after they graduate from Nepalaya.

Teaching Faculties:

As Nepalaya, since its establishment, believes in offering quality education to the students via qualified teachers, all the teaching faculty members, at this educational institution, are dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every students. Each of the faculty members are skilled in adapting to students’ diverse learning styles. The faculty members provide individual attention to students’ need and queries. Those students who find study quite challenging are identified, counseled and given extra intensive care so that they can hold interest in study. The whole learning process here aims at generating an atmosphere to inspire the creative young minds to find on their personality as well as career development. Since our faculty consists of highly qualified, trained, and experienced lectures in their respective field, they are friendly, professional and dedicated to the welfare and successful career of the students. Regular training and refreshment are imparted to lecturers so that they can be able to adapt to the modern methodology to make the teaching and learning more effective. The students, during their study tenure at this institution, are facilitated with all the ways possible to nurture and groom their individual dreams to make them come true. Nepalaya feels so proud to announce that all the teaching faculty members, working under the roof of this institution, are warm and caring teachers who aspire all the students to be successful learners and work to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students. Moreover, they strive to build student self-esteem and encourage understanding of cultural diversity, gender differences and physical limitations by creating a cooperative community in the classroom; model for students the importance of mutual respect and cooperation among all community members.

Monitoring Progress: 

How you will be monitored during your entire study at NEPALAYA?

As constant supervision and evaluation are the stimulus to the betterment of every learner, each student’s progress is frequently observed throughout the year to ensure that s/he is coping with the course of study and making progress. In addition to terminal and send-up examinations, regular class assignments, internal assessments and unit test are conducted to ensure ongoing progress of the students and to prepare students for the board examination. Accomplishing the assignments issued in the class and preparing individual note for the subjects in accordance with the instruction of the respective subject teachers is mandatory. A student is required to secure a minimum of 40 percent in the overall internal evaluation to qualify him or herself for the board examinations. The student falling short of the expected minimum marks will not be eligible to appear in the board examinations, and shall have to repeat the course the following year. The students’ performance in the regular internal test and exams are minutely analyzed to facilitate both the teachers and the students to understand what actually the students are lacking to foster their level of understanding. The students, at Nepalaya, are not only monitored in terms of their academic achievements but also their socialization aspect. The students are strictly required to be disciplined and follow each and every terms and conditions introduced by the institution. Hence, the students’ academic as well as social and psychological progress are constantly monitored and evaluated.  Please rewrite this paragraph.

Result and Achievements:

Nepalaya College, since its establishment in 1999 A.D., has been serving in the overall education system of nation. The institution has very proudful history of producing plethora of Pilots, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Leaders, Social workers, Artists for the nation. Academic result at Nepalaya is really significant and our students have been continuously securing more than 80% result in an average in all levels in the board examination. Not only in the field of education, Nepalaya has proven its significant presence in various extra-curricular activities and competition winning different medals and prizes.

Admission Process:

Students securing minimum B & C grade in SEE examination or equivalent are eligible to get admission in Science and Management faculty respectively and minimum D grade is required to get admission in Humanities & Law faculty. Students must secure minimum C grade in the higher secondary level (HSEB affiliate) or minimum B grade if they are from other boards to enroll in the Bachelors level program at Nepalaya College. In addition, students must pass the entrance examination and interview that will be conducted by the college at the time of admission for the finalization of the admission process. The college is running its programs both in morning and day shifts.

Dress Code and Attire: 

Guided by the spirit of the eminent statement “The eyes judge a character even before one speaks”, dress code is mandatory at Nepalaya since attire is very important aspect of a person’s elegance. As Nepalaya college has its own dress code, the students are required to get to the college in the proper college uniform to create better learning environment. The college strictly monitors whether students are in proper attire all the time. Uniform not only makes the students look smart, but it also gives the students a sense of attachment and oneness to the institution they belong. Students coming in casual or improper uniform are not allowed to attend class.

Extra-Curricular Activities & Events:

Nepalaya nurtures the students not only to enhance their academic propensities, but it also simultaneously emphasizes in enabling students to be smart and skilled in distinct physical as well as mental development activities. So, being Imbued with the essence of the old but evergreen adage “A healthy mind is in a healthy body”, various intra college and inter college outdoor and indoor games and tournaments are organized to address the holistic development of the students as per their interest. The college highly encourage the students to explore their field of interest besides study, and offers firm platform so that they can discover the best out of their interest. Similarly, the college garners the project works, case studies needed to the students’ development. Besides games and sports, different literary activities like debate, quiz, speech contests, etc. along with other various programs such as talent show, welcome program, farewell program, educational excursions, tour, hiking, field visits are designed and conducted among students to build their confidence and explore their potential. There are various stimulating factors for the students who are talented, needy and deserving. Nepalaya college is different in the sense that it doesn’t concentrate on merely the academic part of students rather it imparts equal significance to the extracurricular activities of the students. Students at Nepalaya College feel themselves more secured for their bright future. Finally, Nepalaya is YOUR LOCAL “GLOBAL SCHOOL”.


As Nepalaya dreams to develop Kalanki as an educational hub, it compromises with nothing to meet the aspiration of the students in each and every field. The spacious small group sized classrooms, well managed academic buildings with electronic security systems, ample co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, partnership with multiple business houses for internship and highly qualified faculty members are the basic features of Nepalaya. Plenty of area has been allotted for playground and public mobility which highly facilitates the physical development of the students. A well-furnished library equipped with latest editions of courses related and career enhancement books, reference books, newspapers, journals, national and international magazines, has been developed with the active participation of the faculty and education experts to meet the needs of students as well as faculties, and working on setting an ONLINE LIBRARY soon. Similarly, advanced computer laboratories have been set up to impart practical computer knowledge with an uninterrupted free internet access as an opportunity for students for the on-soft educational site surfing to do research and project work. For the better understanding of what the students learn in their classroom, well-equipped laboratories to conduct experiments on Physics, Chemistry and Biology are available where students are expected to utilize the laboratory effectively and wisely. We take very good care of the students’ health. So, a very spacious and hygienic cafeteria caters students providing high quality, wholesome and fresh food stuff for breakfast, lunch, and light refreshments at subsidized rates. For the convenience of the students, college offers transportation service to come and back from the college. The bus shuttle is arranged in such a way that everyone can get this facility if they require.