Students Clubs

As Nepalaya dreams to develop Kalanki as an educational hub, it compromises with nothing to meet the aspiration of the students in each and every field. The spacious small group sized classrooms, well managed academic buildings with electronic security systems, ample co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, partnership with multiple business houses for internship and highly qualified faculty members are the basic features of Nepalaya. Plenty of area has been allotted for playground and public mobility which highly facilitates the physical development of the students. 

We trust in social bonding that we have created with our social and local clubs to serve our community when they are in need of our support. A strong partnership with parents and our community is a key ingredient in this goal and we both value and encourage parents and families to take an active interest in their child’s activity and their achievements at higher education. Working together we can help our students develop their individual strengths and identities and build the confidence inside them to be able to contribute to society. Volunteering and social networking during learning is a part of our institutional goal. We are committed in creating socially and personally accepted learning environment with life skill- based course and degrees. Come join us and be a part of our community and reward yourself with quality education for better future. Let us help to create your achievable dream.

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