Switching Of Program

Students willing to switch their currently admitted course/program to another available and eligible course/program can fill a form with an application letter mentioning why you are going to switch to a new course/program than you have originally granted admission for study. Applicants must demonstrate that they are capable enough to study the new course they are applying to switch. In some cases, college admission department may seek your parent’s or local guardian’s written consent to approve such switching request. The college admission department will notify you in the same email you used to apply for switching request within 48 hours of your application. 

Click the following link to submit an application for Switching Application 

Transferred In 


  1. The courses/program are similar in objectives and content to those offered  by Nepalaya College.

  2. The courses/provided can be applied toward graduation requirements.

  3. The student has earned a letter grade (or equivalent) in the course of “C” or higher (provided the “C” grade is defined as average or higher). The decision of the Admission Department is final on questions of transferability.