One of my proudful decisions which always makes me feel content was to join Nepalaya Higher Secondary School which not only offered me formal education but also nurtured and groomed me in the best manner to discover myself. I truly would like to acknowledge the entire Nepalaya team members for their best mentoring to bolster my career.

Alumni- Nepalaya

Getting enrolled at Nepalaya college indeed paved the best way to heighten my academic as well as professional career. Amid the plethora of such educational institutions, I decided to be the part of Nepalaya college which has been proven to be absolutely wise decision of mine. The sound academic environment, enthusiastic and professional faculty members always allured me to discover the best out of me. I am very much grateful to my all teachers for their unconditional support and inspiration.

Alumni- Nepalaya

I indeed feel to be privileged to extend my few words of appreciation for my all mentors of Nepalaya college who selflessly encouraged and guided me being staircase to get to the position where I stand right now. I feel no any hesitation to say it was the Nepalaya college who recognized my potentiality and nurtured me accordingly to make my dream come true. The wonderful experience during my study tenure at this college still makes me nostalgic.

Alumni- Nepalaya

It is, of course, a wonderful experience to serve as a dentist at present, but I proudly would like to offer the credit of my success to Nepalaya college team who always encouraged me to come out of my shell. The amicable environment, welcoming gesture and ample opportunities that I received from the teachers and college facilitated me to make the right decision and made me the person that I am today for which I am forever grateful to this institution.

Alumni- Nepalaya

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself as the former student of Nepalaya college where I experienced immense support, care and affection from the motivating teachers in an absolute academic environment. The strong foundation provided by the college enabled me to pave my way towards becoming a Structural Engineer. I am always indebted to all my respected teachers and management team members for their unreserved platform. Thank you Nepalaya.

Alumni- Nepalaya

I must acknowledge that getting enrolled at Nepalaya higher secondary school was one of my life changing decisions which still makes me feel so proud. I was not quite sure concerning whether I would be getting the absolute academic environment that I was looking for before being introduced to the school/college environment. But, the way how I was nurtured and groomed under the guidance of professional and proficient teachers was really praise worthy. I feel myself very lucky to have gotten such magnificent mentoring and platform for the holistic development.

Alumni- Nepalaya

Nepalaya Higher Secondary School is the name which will most probably be never omitted from the memory of my mind as whatever skills and platform were needed for the personal, academic and social development, were aptly offered to me by my respected teachers at this institution. So, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thankfulness to the teachers who cooperated with us, helped us to clarify our doubts and assisted us in every possible way to achieve our goals. In fact, I find no word sufficient to express my true respect to this organization for everything it has done throughout my learning years at this school. Today, I feel so proud to have made you all feel proud of me, too. Thank you, Nepalaya Higher Secondary School.

Alumni- Nepalaya

I indeed feel so proud to say that I completed my schooling from Nepalaya Higher Secondary School. Any amount of word will not suffice to reflect the immense respect I have for this institution which helped me set foundation for who I am today. I am truly indebted to my teachers who were never less than guardian to me, always generated positive vibe inside me, helped to overcome the challenges I faced and nurtured me with all their love and warmth. Thank you Nepalaya for everything you have done to bring me to this position where I stand today.

Alumni- Nepalaya

Amid the decisions I have made in my life, one of the proudful decisions was to choose Nepalaya Education Foundation for my educational guidance. It was so amazing to be exposed to the completely distinct educational environment, and learn different socialization skills. It was Nepalaya who recognized my hidden talent in music and offered me platform to polish my musical skills. As a result, at present, I am not only recognized as an entrepreneur but also have been able to work as a professional musician. And, all the credit of my success goes to Nepalaya team. Thank you very much for such a profound platform.

Naveen Poudel Chhetri
Alumni- Nepalaya

My journey with Nepalaya Higher Secondary School began with my first commencement of formal education. As I persisted my education, I came to realize Nepalaya was true to its words. I was really touched by the student-centered teaching learning procedure. The student friendly environment, the trained and amicable teachers, the ample facilities for the learners were the great source of motivation to me. Moreover, the different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the holistic development of the students made me be fond of this education institution. I personally aspire to thank the entire school team and the profound foundation offered by the school to me is one of the major reasons that today I have been able to study MBBS in Bangladesh with full scholarship.

Alumni- Nepalaya

Our faculty members say

  • The academic programs’ strength of Nepalaya attracted me to join this creative and farsighted Nepalaya team. The current changing teaching environment with the changed classroom teaching scenario compelled us to adopt virtual class as an integral part of teaching learning practice makes me ready to accept this challenge as an opportunity to give this institution something different and its students something better that they deserve as well as essential for everyone to be a global citizen.

    Principal - Nepalaya